Vellum is no longer for sale. We may return under a new name at a future date. Cheers.


A simple, awesome drawing app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Now available on the App Store. Follow us on Twitter and share your drawings in our flickr group.




Minimal design · No complex menus or sliders
Pinch to zoom · 2-Finger swipe to pan · Tap to toggle navigation bar
3 handsome tools · Graphite · Ink · Scratch


A statement on the philosophy of design behind this project is forthcoming.

support, suggestions, feedback

You may leave suggestions and feedback at

credits & thanks

Concept, design, and development by David Lu.

Many thanks to the beta testers: YiMay Yang, Auriea Harvey, Marc Escobosa, Davide Agnelli, Ian Curry, Natasha Jen, Christian Marc Schmidt, Greg Smith, Jeremy Abbett, Aaron Meyers, Buzz Anderson, Mathias Dahlstrom, Bryan Boyer, Michele Tepper, Tyler Nutter, Luis Mendo, Tina Aspiala, Benjamin Rabe, Kevin Russ

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